We are storytellers. Storytelling is the core of video and film making-from a simple 15 second spot to a full-length documentary feature. Without a story you have nothing but a series of images. It's our job to create stories that resonate with your target audience.

We love what we do, and it shows. For over a decade, we have been creating film and video stories for a wide ranging clientele. We like to call it C3: corporate, commercial and creative. Each piece highlights its own story. Sometimes we have to work to find the story, and other times it just presents itself.

We are a boutique company that handles all aspects of production: from writing and directing to shooting and editing. We have travelled all over the world to shoot, and like the jobs here at home just as much. Our work has been critically acclaimed, and BlueGreen, one of our recent feature-length documentaries, was picked up for international distribution after touring the US coasts.

And we have to admit it. We are gear geeks. We like messing with all sorts of emerging technologies. Sometimes they don't work, and sometimes they produce really interesting and beautiful results. Neat tools, cool angles and different approaches-we love them!

Ben Keller

As the owner and producer at Dubious Honor, I have been focusing on working with clients to deliver their unique stories for over a decade. Nothing drives me more than the adventure of creation. I love taking a concept from initial inspiration to a final piece: it's inspiring thinking about all the possibilities and where a story can go. And nothing makes me happier than seeing a client excited about a final product and the doors it can open for them.

That's the kind of enthusiasm that defines all the work we do at Dubious Honor. With our love of story, our love of gear and shooting, our love of production across the spectrum for any audience, and our years of experience, we can create the product you need to reach your core audience.

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